Tiny Home Earthship with Living Roof

This is a preview of the tiny home Earthship with a living roof garden at Colony Earth.It is one of the structures at the Eco Village.It’s features are:

• monolithic concrete construction buried in a south-facing hillside
• living roof garden on top of root cellar
• self harvested locus post and beam construction
• lime plaster (compostable) exterior/interior which prevents mold and mildew
• water harvesting roof system
• living roof awning providing shade for root cellar
• power harvesting/storage room
• deep cycle batteries/ Solar/ wind/ diesel power generation
• tiny home – loft apartment
• rocket mass heater
• thermoregulation due to thermal mass and natural convection
• efficient use of space and multipurposing

We have been considering what makes an Earthship an Earthship and we figure it is the capacity to use locally sourced materials to fabricate a home capable of thermoregulating, harvesting its own water, food, and power, and helping to restore the balance of the earths ecosystems.

A nano ecosystem of sorts designed to support a family unit of humans.

Of course this is an entirely simplified expression of an Eco system compared to the abundant interconnected web we find in nature. But, at it’s basic expression this unique combination of life supporting systems works in harmony with the more complex systems around it.

Though we would prefer a more curvilinear structure to demonstrate these technologies the buildings that were already here are all square.

So we kept with the vibe and applied all the sustainable techniques available to us within our timeframe.

We hope you enjoy it! We can’t wait to have you visit.

many thanks and mad respect to:

Michael Reynolds

Jack Spirco

Steve Harris

Paul Wheaton

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Xavier Hawk is a full time father, gentleman farmer, entrepreneur, speaker, television personality, and medicine man. He podcasts about sacred ceremony and shamanism, performs musical ceremonies at events, and blogs. He lives sustainably on Colony Earth in WNC with his beautiful wife and three wonderful daughters practicing permaculture, environmental stewardship, eco building, and using alternative energy.

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