Pallet Gardens

I have to admit, I have a deep seated love for pallets.

I dont know what it is…the shape? the functionality?

Ah the wonders of the multi use all purpose wooden pallet, often found in heaps or stacks being given away or sold very cheaply.

Beyond being used as walls for compost bins, walls of HOUSES (yes i did say houses), frames for couches, and of course shelving the all purpose Pallet makes a wonderful Garden.

Thats right, picture neat and tidy rows of salad greens all lined up with perfect pure pallet cross bars framing the entire garden.

Well, you can also use these fine former forest frames vertically in the form of a crafty and resourceful vertical garden.


Heres how you maximize your potential in the form of repurposing some fine former forest and feeding yourself properly:

1. gather some pallets. – garden supply centers, home depot, feed stores, damn near anywhere. Sometimes they even give em away.

2. wash em if you want, or even sand them???

3. lay said pallet horizontally and supply the inner part with plenty of soil.

4. or conversely stand it up vertically and fill the center with the soil. (use some chicken wire in the spaces between to help keep soil in if necessary)

5. plant some micro/salad/leafy greens


Here’s a short 60 sec video instructional:


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Xavier Hawk is a full time father, gentleman farmer, entrepreneur, speaker, television personality, and medicine man. He podcasts about sacred ceremony and shamanism, performs musical ceremonies at events, and blogs. He lives sustainably on Colony Earth in WNC with his beautiful wife and three wonderful daughters practicing permaculture, environmental stewardship, eco building, and using alternative energy.

2 comments on “Pallet Gardens

  1. I’m going to try to do a pallet garden fence!!! Cheap fence and don’t lose yard space for the kids.
    Love this!

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