Egg Abundance!


We’ve got eggs! Lately, here at Colony Earth farm our hens have been very happy ladies.

This happiness and contentment has come after some love, sweat, and adjustments to the “ladies” coop and routine by our good friend and CE resident, Maya Rose! And all of that goodness has caused them to lay so many lovely brown eggs for us.


It’s a good thing that we love to eat eggs. Some of our favorite egg dishes are vegetable quiche, frittata, zucchini/sausage egg bake, and the traditional fried egg with nettle and garlic.

Recently, I decided to try something different. I made some sweet treats…

Baked custard or cream brûlée which called for heavy raw cream, milk, egg yokes and honey. I got the recipe from an amazing cookbook called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon


I didn’t want to waste the egg whites so I made meringue cookies. I had to keep my oven on the lowest temperature for a few hours to get the crispiness. There’s quite a bit of moisture up here in this temperate forest.


The basic ingredients in this recipe are egg whites, a sweetener of choice, vanilla extract, and arrowroot or cornstarch.

Using an electric beater you’ll make magic by turning the liquid egg whites into fluffy white clouds.

Next time I try these cookies I plan to use dried marshmallow root in place of arrowroot or cornstarch. This treat was sweetened with maple syrup.

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Jamie Hawk is a powerful and dynamic woman and the mother of three beautiful daughters. She is a licensed teacher, youth educator and rites of passage facilitator. She lives on Colony Earth communing with the land, the plants, and the creatures and hosts a New Moon Women's circle that empowers and supports the women in the community towards the development of a balanced society in tune with the rhythms of our bodies and the Earth.

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  1. Ruth Hynes on said:

    Your eggs are beautiful! We love farm fresh eggs and are fortunate to have so many egg laying farms around us. Our favorite fritta is made with roasted potatoes and leeks. Thank-you for the other recipe ideas!

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