Tiny Home Earthship with Living Roof

This is a preview of the tiny home Earthship with a living roof garden at Colony Earth.It is one of the structures at the Eco Village.It’s features are:

• monolithic concrete construction buried in a south-facing hillside
• living roof garden on top of root cellar
• self harvested locus… Continue reading

Earthen Plaster Workshop

Earthen Plaster Starseed

AUG 9-11

Come learn all about Earthen Plaster and how to use it to protect your cob structures.
Lime plaster is used to water coat and prevent mildew and mold in earthen structures and is a delightful natural looking finish for any structure.
This workshop will teach… Continue reading

Eco Village Life at Colony Earth

Volunteer harvesting plantain and dandelion greens

Volunteer harvesting plantain and dandelion greens

Eco Village life at Colony Earth is constantly improving through the contributions from people that visit.

Whether designing or working in the gardens, building hugelkultur beds, wild foraging for local foods and medicine, or just living in community with each other and the planet, there… Continue reading

Egg Abundance!


We’ve got eggs! Lately, here at Colony Earth farm our hens have been very happy ladies.

This happiness and contentment has come after some love, sweat, and adjustments to the “ladies” coop and routine by our good friend and CE resident, Maya Rose! And all of that goodness has caused… Continue reading


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