Colony Earth believes in a destiny chosen by us, the people of the world through a digital architecture that is coherent, secure, and fully transparent. We believe in a healthy and sustainable future where the voices of the masses can be heard and enact change coherently together alongside one another. We believe in exercising our power. Our choices, our money, our future. Colony Earth Members trade with each other in a system that they control, that empowers the people of this planet, gives voice to the voiceless, ensures future generations, and regenerates the planet.

Permacredits are our token currency usable at any business in our network of Colony Earth vendors. They are used to create businesses and purchase goods from Eco Developments, Permaculture Farms, Permaculture Institutes, Eco Resorts, Conscious Festivals and more.

Colony Earth is the corporation of the people by the people run as a Member Owned Global Cooperative. By joining Colony Earth as a Member Owner you get access to our global internal complementary currency economy, our robust marketplace full of awesome products, and incredible living environments around the world. You get to decide Colony Earth’s direction, decide the projects and businesses we take on, decide the council members, get paid for your contributions, and more.

The future of the world is literally in your hands with our easy, secure, fun to use social E-Governance platform that gives you full control.  To access this brave new world of People, Planet, and Profits become a member today, and co create the world of your dreams alongside similar minded inspiring people from across the globe who share your values and are moving the world forward by taking it back.

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How it Works

1. Buy a membership to Colony Earth

Purchase your one time lifetime membership with Colony Earth and enjoy the benefits, savings, community, and more. Join the revolution in thinking that will help build vibrant economies around the globe.

2. Decide on the Future you Want

Decide the Future of Colony Earth, its Projects, and Developments. This is your Planet an your Future. Build it with Colony Earth.

3. Purchase Permacredits

Purchase Permacredits to support our projects.

4. Use those Permacredits at all the Vendors in the Network



Spend those Permacredits at all the vendors in our network just like cash and faster than email.


Colony Earth app is simple to use, elegant, and very intuitive. Our social platform makes connecting with friends simple, and meeting new like minded friends even simpler.

Intuitive and Easy

 With robust features such a market place, social E-governance, Social connectivity, wallet, and more Colony Earth provides a global network of people accomplishing goals together, trading value, and entertaining and learning from one another in one simple fun to use app.



Making decisions has never been easier. Find the relevant topics you wish to weigh in on and execute. See real time statistics of each vote, the history of previous votes, and more. Colony Earth brings people from all over the world to make decisions in a secure and easy to use manner.




Our Marketplace is easy to navigate, fun to shop in, and determines your location to show you the products, goods, and services right in your vicinity. Shopping has never been easier with payments made quicker than an email.

Exclusive Social

Our Exclusive Social Network makes finding relevant content and all your friends feeds in one simple to use interface. Keep up with conversations, voting, discussions, and more. Your contributions in the form of voting, comments, contributions to discussions and more earn you wages when you become a member.

Member Owned Co-op

Colony Earth is Member Owned and operated by people across the globe, trading value and experience.


Member Owners get paid to manage the Corporation from the Social E-Governance app that comes with membership

Global Marketplace

Colony Earth provides a global marketplace of sustainable goods, services, and housing that restore the planet and benefit its inhabitants


Members will  have an uncluttered feed free from unpleasant advertising where they can truly meet and interact with inspiring people from around the globe with similar values and goals for the planet


Members decide on, back, and benefit from our collective projects and partnerships around the world.


Members get the opportunity to purchase and use permacredits for discounts on goods and services in our global marketplace

Paper Wallets, Pre-Paid Cards, and Kiosks Give Members Numerous Ways to Buy, Use, and Trade Permacredits Outside of the Colony Earth App